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Sound Healing with Values Visualization

  • Weight : 0.78lbs
    Dimension : 10" x 7" x 0.5"

  • In this current and anticipated sequel Dr. Beaulieu emphasizes the role of consciousness / self-awareness in creating and cementing the therapeutic effects of sound healing practices. The essential task of sound healing practices consists of “creating a healing intention for sound”. Foreword by David Perez-Martinez, M.D.

    Our intentions can be tuned to our highest values. This ground breaking and pioneering new work explores the vibratory nature of existence through science, mindful listening, and creative sound explorations. The Values Visualization™ process, designed by Dr. Beaulieu, is presented to create highly tuned intentions, based on our values, that are focused on healing and the attainment of life goals. When a highly tuned intention of value is carried into the core brain by sound, multi-dimensional neural networks instantly form in resonance with one’s intention that lead to healing outcomes and goal obtainment.

    Step by step protocols and guided meditations that you can immediately use are presented for yourself, family, and friends, as well as for healing arts professionals. The last section focuses on the history and science of The Perfect Fifth (C & G BioSonic BodyTuners™) and its universal importance in sound healing. Special emphasis is given to BioSonic BodyTuners™ (C & G). All protocols and guided meditations can be performed during mindful environmental listening and/or with any sound healing instruments including but not limited to tuning forks, crystal bowls, metal bowls, lyres, bells, and your voice.

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