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Sonic Pyramid - Medium

  • The protecting and healing energies of the falcon messenger between sky and earth is an exceptional sonic tool which has to be used with clarity and full attention. A veritable ‘sonic pendulum’, which needs careful handling and pre-caution due to its possible radius and impact, brings the pyramid energies on the wings of the heavenly falcon.

    The naturally induced gentle swinging pendulum movements bring the sound effect into any – preferably outdoor – environments and can completely free and shift stagnant energies into harmonious vibrations and nourishing frequencies. With exercise and practice the simple pendulum movements can be explored and brought into flowing lemniscates and circles and intensifies the impact of spatial and bio-sensory sound perception, opening an extraordinary state of fluidity and potential metamorphosis.

  • Size: Medium

    Material: Brass

    Dimension: 22.8" x 9" x 1.9"

    Weight: 4.4lbs

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