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Solar Harmonic Fibonacci - Set of 4

  • Comes with : C256 (1/1), C512 (1/2), G384 (2/3), A426.7 (3/5)
    Weight :  0.65lbs
    Dimension : 8" x 3.5" x 1.5"

  • The Solar Fibonacci Upgrade consists of four tuning forks that extend the Solar Harmonic Spectrum deeper into the Fibonacci spiral. They are designed to resonate with the pathway of consciousness from the sphenoid/pituitary axis to the pineal gland. Their main purpose is to open gateways into alternate realities and to explore higher states of consciousness in order to empower a creative healing response. For this reason, they are excellent sound healing instruments, especially when they are used for working with creativity, vision quests, addictions, and healing traumas.

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