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Planetary Tuners - Weighted (Set of 11)

Planetary Tuners - Weighted (Set of 11)

Aligning to the energy of specific planets, the Planetary Tuners activate those qualities by creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and yourself. By consciously directing the energy of each planet for healing and well-being, the Planetary Tuners brings new dimensions to your Astrology readings, enhance bodywork and acupuncture sessions, or use for personal meditation and growth. This product is a set of Planetary tuners.

Our weighted planetary tuners  are an octave lower than the unweighted planetary tuners. Our weighted tuners no longer come with a display stand.  This set comes sealed,  with 11  black velvet bags with cord.


Direct the energy of each planet
Healing and well-being
Enhanced Astrology readings, bodywork and acupuncture sessions
Personal meditation and growth

The Planetary Tuners work through creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and yourself, thus amplifying the effects of each planet in your life. Each Planetary tuner is tuned to the frequency of a different planet and activates the different astrological qualities associated with that planet when played.

Choose individual Planetary Tuners for your life now or buy a whole set. Each Planetary Tuner is labeled on the tuning fork with the name of the planet and the exact vibrations per second of the tuning fork.

Sun: Enhances sense of strength and motivation, self-identity, vitality, and radiance and promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness, and determination. (Buy Separately Here)

Moon: Promotes emotional tranquility, softness, intuition, enhances feelings and the feminine, and a flowing flexibility with life. (Buy Separately Here)

Earth: Enhances deep security and safety of Mother Earth, the cosmic sound OM, and an ability to be grounded and centered. (Buy Separately Here)

Mercury: Enhances the ability to cooperate through understanding and sharpens communication skills through reason, writing and speaking with confidence. (Buy Separately Here)

Venus: Enhances ability to feel and have love and close relationships with others, a sense of creativity and artistry, the ability to receive and share, increases our love of pleasure, harmony, and self-appreciation. (Buy Separately Here)

Mars: Enhances strength and desire, motivates action, brings out decision-making abilities and assertiveness, gives courage and strengthens sexual nature. (Buy Separately Here)

Jupiter: Enhances openness, trust, optimism, good fortune, and brings out a jovial spirit of laughter. It allows one to be receptive to grace and the adventure in life. (Buy Separately Here)

Saturn: Enhances ability to be disciplined and set limits with our self and others. Helps it be more structured and organized and takes responsibility for completing important tasks. (Buy Separately Here)

Uranus: Enhances the ability to make life changes through inspiration and insight and freedom of expression without self-imposed limitations. (Buy Separately Here)

Neptune: Enhances spiritual experiences and brings out the ability to be compassionate and open to surrendering to creativity. Helps get in touch with and support the dream life, artistic nature, music, art, dance, and creativity. (Buy Separately Here)

Pluto: Enhances the ability to face our deepest secrets and bring light to the darkness. Through the energetic forces of Pluto, you can let go of old patterns and bring about a rebirth in consciousness.

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