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Nidranantar, Sound healing bed

Nidranantar, Sound healing bed


This elaborately constructed instrument of the size of a massage table with 50 strings and a wooden resonator opens a completely new gate of perception of the healing and harmonizing dimension of pure sound. The receiving person lies on the upper surface while the strings attached to the bottom are gently played, unfolding the magic of the sound in its rich spectrum of overtones, enveloping and suffusing, as it seems, every cell of the body. The inherent vibrational nature of our organism is tapped into and set in motion. The experience of this ‘altered state’ of intensified physical awareness refreshes and nurtures the whole system and leaves an imprint of harmony and well-being. The Nidranantar is the central instrument of the SONORIUM Sound Healing Space.

Custom made built to order, message us to get yours!
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