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G Fork - 192 Hz

  • We are very excited to bring you our new G fork , it  is a weighted Otto tuning fork designed to work with the Otto 128 C tuning fork to create a vibroacoustic C and G wave in different areas of the body.  The G-Fork can also be used by itself to stimulate facial points in order to relax and balance the facial nerves for increased beauty.  The G fork used with the Otto 128 C is an excellent way to bring sound healing to dogs, cats, and horses. Just like we have the Body tuners, C and G unweighted- for audible listening and tuning the nervous system, these weighted forks are the same C and G now weighted to use on different points on the body, to balance, and aid in healing inflammation, pain management, injury, and general overall well-being and relaxation.

    We highly recommend that you use the G-Fork with a crystal foot. Check out the different crystal feet we have available under Gem feet. 

  • Weight : 0.5lbs
    Dimension : 6" x 3" x 2"

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