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D Celtic Minor 9

D Celtic Minor 9

D Celtic Minor is the most popular scale, and this is the latest D Celtic Minor we’ve crafted. Cinder Steel is our proprietary 1.2mm hydroformed stainless steel material that is robust, active, and gives balanced sustain and warm timbre. So, if you’re looking for your first Handpan, this is the Handpan for you!


  • BUILT TO LAST – From 1.2mm Thick Steel
  • STABLE TUNING – With Precise Harmonics
  • WARM TIMBRE – Wholesome Sound
  • BALANCED SUSTAIN – For Meditative and Percussive Play
  • TONAL CLARITY – Absolute Note Isolation
  • TUNED SHOULDERS – For Advanced Percussive Play
  • RESPONSIVE NOTES – For Dynamic Volume Control
  • HEAT STABILIZED – To Enjoy Music in All Seasons
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT – 2 Years Warranty and Lifetime Support
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – Rust-resistant Stainless Steel Material
PriceFrom $1,287.00
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